Home & School allows for parents and families to support the students of our school in all different ways.  Go to our calendar to see what programs and events are scheduled. 

Every Wednesday The Home and School Association prepares a hot meal for our students and staff. Parents are encouraged to come to school to eat lunch with our students. The cost is $3.50.


Week 1- Haystacks,  Taco Salad, corn chips, chili beans, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, olives, salsa, onions, and hot peppers.

Week 2- Breakfast- scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, biscuits, gravy, stripples (veggie bacon), juice and dessert.

Week 3- Potato soup, grilled cheese, juice and dessert

Week 4- Burritos, juice and dessert

Week 5- Spaghetti, salad, garlic bread, juice and dessert


Home and School is always looking for volunteers to help with various projects. Contact the school

by going to the contact us buttom and volunteer to help. Thank you for your support.

The H & S plans a Thanksgiving meal for the community and school family. 






Floral Crest School  1228 County Road 89, Bryant, Alabama 35958  phone (256-597-2582)
Floral Crest School 1228 County Road 89, Bryant, Alabama 35958 phone (256-597-2582)

School Board

Floral Crest School is guided by an elected board of SDA Church members from the Floral Crest Seventh-day Adventist Church and the Ownby Chapel Seventh-day Adventist Church, both are located on  Sand Mountain in Alabama. The School Board meets every month, usually the third Monday, at 5:00 pm Central time in the school library.  See the calendar for regular schedule of meetings. Any constituent member of either SDA Churches may attend the meetings.

Board members are as follows:

Larry Ringer: Chairman

Bryan Page: Vice Chairman

Jane Adkins: Treasurer: Home and School Leader (similar to PTA)

Matusala Hanawalt

Mary McDowell:  Principal (ex officio)

Stan Hobbs, Vice President of Education Gulf States Conference (ex officio)

Linda Ferguson

Gracie O'Dell

Maxine Kay

Sharon Brooks

Sharon Jones

Jack Buttram

B C Matthews

Pastor Jason Carlson (ex officio)

Leon Wade

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