Floral Crest School

Alumni are encouraged to support Floral Crest School through their prayers and generous donations. Every five years Floral Crest School has a Alumni Celebration Homecoming. The school was established in 1905 so we have many blessings to celebrate. God has blessed Floral Crest with successful alumni that have fulfilled our Lord's commission to spread the Gospel message throughout the world. If you are an alumni of Floral Crest School and would like your success story told then email it to beckcw@bellsouth.net and it will be posted on this page of our website.

If you would like to make a donation for our projects then mail it to Floral Crest School 1228 County Road 89, Bryant, AL 35958

Current Projects 2017-2019
Remodel bathrooms: new cabinets, mirrors, hand towel dispensers, toilet tissue dispensers and new paint.
Update the kitchen: new stove, new refrigerator, new carpet in dining area.

List of Projects for summer of 2016
Renovation of the girl's restroom with new cabinet, sink, mirror and a new coat of paint.
Cleaned up blueberry field.
Cleaned up field.

List of Projects for 2014-2016, two year plan.

 Roof for the building cost $17,000 Half the roof has been installed.
 Stage curtain $200
 Laptop / Desktop computers $8,000  (Ten desktop computers have been ordered at a discounted price) Thank you. Eight laptops have been acquired. 
 Promethean boards for the classrooms $6,500 Thank you- Promethean Boards were installed in March 2014. 

New School Sign $6500. Our new sign was installed in June 2015. Thank you Home and School for all your work.  

Thank you Alumni for your support. Reunion was on October 10,2015 at Floral Crest School.