Floral Crest School

Floral Crest Classes:

BIG NEWS We are starting a Pre-kindergarten program 2017-2018 for age 4. Mrs. Monda Falsholtz will be the teacher.

Floral Crest will provide quality education with  experienced educators. Grades K-2 will be taught by Ms. Ann Arquitt and grades 3-8 will be taught by Mrs. Wanda Beck. 

Ms. Arquitt has years of experience working with young people.  She has a Master's Degree in Education from Andrews University. Welcome back, Ms Arquitt.

Mrs. Wanda Beck comes to Floral Crest with many years of experience. Mrs. Beck has taught every grade 1-9 in her years as an educator.  She has a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Loma Linda University. Wanda serves as principal.

Mrs. Sharon Brooks volunteers for four hours a day for grades 4-6. She also serves as our school librarian. She has a B.S. degree in education and 42 years of experience. 

Mr. Glen Jackson, Title I, B.S. from Auburn University: M.S. from Alabama A & M: other graduate work in History, Government, Health, Physical Education: Mr Jackson has 42 years experience in middle school in Jackson County AL. He is certified as a Highly Qualified licensed in the state of Alabama.

Mrs. Nytta Norton volunteers to teach music theory. She also plays piano for choir and chapel. She holds a MA degree in Music Education. 

Mrs. Laura Ringer volunteers to teach choir.

Mrs. Monda Falsholtz volunteers to teach Art. 
Bible - textbook is written by North American Division of SDA and used throughout Christian Schools in United States. It is a Biblical based Bible curiculum that focuses on a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Math is a Common Core Math Textbook and online activities using the Think Central website. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt "Go Math" and "Big Ideas" curriculum. www. thinkcentral.org

Science- Science By Design is a creation based textbook that presents a worldview from a Christian prospective. Published by Kendall Hunt

Pathways is our Reading Program published by Kendall Hunt for 1st -8th grade. It is a literature based curriculum that focuses on eight different concepts, such as Heros, Environment,  My World & Others -Geography, Living Things Science, Spiritual Journey, Friends and Family- Social Science, Personal Feelings and Growth- Health and Guidance, Yesterday-History, Social Issues & Culture Social Science/ Current events.

Social Studies Textbook and online resources Prentice Hall World Studies for 2013-14, U S History for 2014-2015. www. PHSchool.com

Computers Students use online resource typingpal.com  to learn basic keyboarding skills.

Physical Education Students learn skills of ball handling by playing kickball, soccer, basketball, and volleyball. Students learn jump rope, tennis, racketball and parachute activities. 
Language Arts- Houghton Mifflin English Textbook used at all levels.
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